Man turns 106 years old, credits gardening to long life

Vern Isenhower has grown vegetables in his backyard since he was 18.

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“I’ve got beans, peppers, squash, tomatoes,” said Isenhower.

The tomatoes have been more than just a hobby. Until recently, Isenhower sold them out of his garage.

“One year I sold over $900.00 worth,” said Isenhower.

He hasn’t moved his simple sales set up, a scale on a picnic table.

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This year, Isenhower closed for business and downsized his garden.

“I’ve got 60 tomatoes. I was planting about 200,” he said.

Isenhower has a good reason for closing up shop. He is well past retirement age, celebrating his 106th birthday this week.

While his family has urged him to slow down, closing up his tomato shop is really the only slowing down he has done.

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Isenhower said the key to living a long life is to keep going.

“Just keep moving,” said Isenhower.

At 106, Isenhower isn’t making a lot of plans, but as for his garden, he just goes with his gut.

“If I feel like it, I’ll garden next year. If I don’t feel like it, I won’t,” said Isenhower.